Dirk started to play drums at the age of three. 1982 he started his orchestral career at the Youth Orchestra of the Music Society Niederheimbach, followed by the start of his professional drum training at the Police Orchestra of Rhineland-Palatinate in 1983. Two years later he became a member of the District Youth Music Orchestra of the Music Society Rhine-Hunsrück.
During his membership of 6 years, he played a lot of concerts, also abroad in Italy, the former Czechoslovakia and France, among others. In the years 1987 – 1990 he passed several music exams and became instrumental teacher and instructor at the Music Society Rhine-Hunsrück.
In 1993 he joined the Rock Band MADISM. During this time he played successful gigs together with well known German bands like The Crackers, Batchkapp as well as The Spider Murphy Gang and won awards like “German Talentleiter”; followed by several Jam Sessions with locally well known musicians like Marcus Breiteneder (Hubert Kah).

In 2005 he joined the German Progressive Rock Band NERONIA and appeared on every Neronia release since.
Together with his bandmates from Neronia, Dirk is currently working on the new concept album.

In April 2017, Dirk joined the Gothic Rock Band GODEX. One month later, the first gigs followed, among others at the “Gothic Meets Rock Festival” and then in September “The Heartcollector Tour 2017” as support of the Crüxshadows (12 gigs in 14 days) in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. In 2018 he played more gigs on different Festivals (Castle Rock, Herbststurm, etc.) throughout Germany.

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