Rec & Send

Studio-Drummer gesucht, der Drum-Tracks für Eure Songs bzw. Alben einspielt? Keine programmierten, sondern echte professionelle Drums und Cymbals? Im D-Drumming Studio werden professionelle Drum-Tracks nach Euren Wünschen produziert. Somit habt Ihr immer das letzte Wort bei Eurem Projekt und habt jederzeit Einfluss auf die Aufnahmen. Die generierten Audio-Spuren werden im passenden Format zum Download, oder…

Project: “Practice Cabin” Part 1 / Projekt: “Übekabine” Teil 1

English Hi Pals, since a couple of months, I am thinking about purchasing or constructing  a practice cabin to be able to practice more than I currently do and to not annoy the neighborhood. 🙂 I ‘ve checked several cabin manufacturer and construction manuals.  With regard to the lack of time to realize this on…

Musik Insel Konstanz

An dieser Stelle möchte ich mich für ein Projekt stark machen, auf dass ich durch einen Aufruf von Nadja Adam in Facebook aufmerksam geworden bin. Es geht um ein Kindermusical dass am 11. & 12. Juli 2015 in Konstanz stattfinden wird. Das Musical ist für eine gute Sache. 100 Personen- davon größtenteils Kinder- stehen auf einer professionellen Bühne und…

German Version of d-drumming and other news

Hi Pals, today I will give you a short update about my last activities. 1.) German Version of d-drumming I’m working on a german Version of my Website that I want to offer additionally. 2.) Member of Musiker-in-deiner-Stadt Since November 2013 you can find me also on the Online Musicians Register “Musiker in Deiner Stadt”….

Music Lessons / Musikstunde

Today I visited a music lesson of a 4th class elementary school, to introduce the snaredrum. After first confusing moments, it turned out to be real fun. The lesson finished with a joined jam session with piano and several percussions. Everyone had fun and all sides learned something new: the kids about the snare and…

Visit school class

I’ll visit a school class to show and explain the Yamaha Jimmy Chamberlin Signature Snare during the music lessons. It’s planned for the week after easter. I am sure it will be very cool and funny.

Guide Track recorded

Hi guys, yesterday we recorded the next guide track, to start with the next recording sessions for drums and bass upcoming week. In general the recordings are in good progress. We processed spontaneous ideas in a additional (bonus) song, which takes shape quickly. Stay tuned…

Drums recorded

Hi Pals, the next drum part put down on track yesterday. Within this song, some interessting tom figures will be heared…..

New drumset ;-)

Got new drumset from my family. Let’s check how I can use it on stage….

K-Custom Ride

The 20″ K-Custom Dry Ride is the core of my cymbalset, and can be heared on the upcoming neronia album, more discreet but assertive enough..