New drumset ;-)

Got new drumset from my family. Let’s check how I can use it on stage….

K-Custom Ride

The 20″ K-Custom Dry Ride is the core of my cymbalset, and can be heared on the upcoming neronia album, more discreet but assertive enough..

MCA & RMGW, overall Sound

As with the last album, I use mainly the Maple Custom Absolute but the first time with the Russ Miller Groove Wegde. Once again we could improve the sound of my set. Some new mics were used, sometimes completely different. Phenomenal….

Arts Festival 2012 Frankfurt/Main

Visited the fridays Arts Festival performance night @Nordwestzentrum Frankfurt. Highlight was the breakdance performance of the Group “ABC” (Action Breaks Crew) which is a cool breakdance group from Brazil. They gave some workshops in Breakdance and Hip Hop over last week.


Last thursday I met my former drum teacher Eckbert Runknagel during a concert of the Landespolizei Musikorchester in Heidesheim. We talked about the good old times as I started. Great to have seen him again!!