Gear Tests (6) – EVOLUTION-OFF-SET “E-1” Twin pedal

ENGLISH Hello everybody, with this article I want to share my personal experience with the EVOLUTION-OFF-SET “E-1” Twin Pedal. From May 2015 until May 2018 I was an official endorser of Evolution Drum Gear. In the early 2015 I was contacted by Evolution Drum Gear via email and asked about a possible endorsement. After a…

German Version of d-drumming and other news

Hi Pals, today I will give you a short update about my last activities. 1.) German Version of d-drumming I’m working on a german Version of my Website that I want to offer additionally. 2.) Member of Musiker-in-deiner-Stadt Since November 2013 you can find me also on the Online Musicians Register “Musiker in Deiner Stadt”….