Gear Tests (4) – Yamaha Clickstation CLST100

Hallo zusammen, beim heutigen Test widme ich mich der Yamaha Clickstation CLST100. Das Spielen mit Click gehört für mich seit Jahren zum Drumming dazu. Mein Werkzeug dazu war seit Anfang an die Rhythm Watch 105 von Tama. Obwohl ich mit der RW sehr zufrieden bin, schaue ich ab und an was es Neues, bzw. Anderes…

Gear Tests (3) – Cream Music Prime Hickory Drumsticks 5A

Hallo zusammen, bei meinem heutigen Equipment-Test teste ich die Cream Music Prime Hickory 5A, der Eigenmarke von Cream-Music Frankfurt. Da ich mal davon ausgehe, dass die Hickory 5a nur in Deutschland und speziell in Frankfurt verkauft werden, beschränke ich mich in diesem Test auf die deutsche Beschreibung.* I assume that the Prime Hickory 5a will…

Gear Tests (2) – Tama HP910LSW Speed Cobra / Pearl P-3002D Demon

I visted my friends from Cream Music in Frankfurt, to test some double bassdrum pedals. I tested following pedals: ———– Heute war ich bei meinen Freunden von Cream Music in Frankfurt, um einige Doppelfussmaschinen zu testen da ich über einen Austausch meiner Tama HP900RSW Iron Cobra nachdenke. Zwei Pedals habe ich antesten dürfen: – Tama…

Music Lessons / Musikstunde

Today I visited a music lesson of a 4th class elementary school, to introduce the snaredrum. After first confusing moments, it turned out to be real fun. The lesson finished with a joined jam session with piano and several percussions. Everyone had fun and all sides learned something new: the kids about the snare and…

Visit school class

I’ll visit a school class to show and explain the Yamaha Jimmy Chamberlin Signature Snare during the music lessons. It’s planned for the week after easter. I am sure it will be very cool and funny.

Guide Track recorded

Hi guys, yesterday we recorded the next guide track, to start with the next recording sessions for drums and bass upcoming week. In general the recordings are in good progress. We processed spontaneous ideas in a additional (bonus) song, which takes shape quickly. Stay tuned…

Drums recorded

Hi Pals, the next drum part put down on track yesterday. Within this song, some interessting tom figures will be heared…..

New drumset ;-)

Got new drumset from my family. Let’s check how I can use it on stage….

K-Custom Ride

The 20″ K-Custom Dry Ride is the core of my cymbalset, and can be heared on the upcoming neronia album, more discreet but assertive enough..

MCA & RMGW, overall Sound

As with the last album, I use mainly the Maple Custom Absolute but the first time with the Russ Miller Groove Wegde. Once again we could improve the sound of my set. Some new mics were used, sometimes completely different. Phenomenal….